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Embarking on any new business is a huge decision and full of unknowns, so you can imagine it is even harder without a blueprint or any reference.  We have spent the last five years learning everyday about rearing Billy Kids and Marketing the meat and I know we will continue to learn going forward.   The past five years has taught us so much but I must admit, if I knew what I know now when I started it would have been a much easier, smoother journey and definitely less stressful!  If there had been someone to ask or get advice from I certainly would have asked!
The consultancy work I have done has evolved naturally, it was never part of the plan.  After being asked to help by several people, it dawned on me that there might be others too that would like to start rearing Billy Kids and need a little advice, guidance and experience to get the venture off the ground; or simply someone to bounce ideas off.
I feel very passionately that they should be more people rearing Dairy Billy Kids for meat and with such a new industry we all have a responsibility to set the bar high and embark on a sustainable, transparent enterprise.  As an agricultural sector we may be in our infancy but our size will not reflect the influence we can have or lessen the importance of our farming practices and consumer relationship.
I run various courses on and off the farm and will happily travel to take group/individual courses, talks or site visits.  I have no ‘package’ or set criteria for my consultancy, so please just get in touch and we can have a chat and if I can help I will!
“As a start-up kid rearing business, we wanted to work with a consultant who had the experience to help us build a solid business plan to submit to our local planning authority. We first met Lizzie at one of her Introduction to Goat Keeping courses and were immediately very impressed at the depth of her knowledge and enthusiasm for goats; the sustainable yet ethical way that she runs her business is commendable and the technical advice and support she has given us has been fundamental in the success of our planning application and establishment of our own free range herd and we couldn’t be more grateful.”

— Charlotte from Long Meadow Farm, Worcestershire

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