We are proud to support the fantastic work that Kids for Kids undertake

Kids for Kids transforms the lives of children living in unimaginable poverty in the rural, isolated region of western Sudan: Darfur. In over 900 remote villages of Darfur, people struggle to survive.

Lack of infrastructure means they have no water supply, no roads, no health care, only limited access to even basic education and no electricity. People live in straw huts and often sleep directly on the sand.

Kids for Kids is transforming lives through a unique package of integrated grassroots projects tailored specifically to each village and identified by the people themselves as being the most effective way to change their lives long term.

Main projects include building clean water hand-pumps close to villages, a goat loan programme, donkeys for transport because there are no roads, basic essentials like mosquito nets and blankets, training midwives, paravets, and first aid workers in each village and much more. Kids for Kids is also building Kindergartens, Health Centres, and Veterinary Clinics.

Their key project is the Goat Loan project. They don’t believe in charity, they believe in helping people to help themselves. By lending goats they give families a chance of a better future, and goat’s milk improves the health of children immediately. Goat’s milk is the nearest thing to a mother’s milk – easily digested and full of protein and minerals essential for a child’s health.

Many children in Darfur are malnourished but just one cup of goat’s milk a day can, after three months, dramatically improve a child’s health. Not only do Goats give children milk immediately, they also enable mothers to earn an income from selling excess milk and yoghurt at market. Many women in Darfur will have never had their own income before, and this practice allows them to make decisions for their families for the first time ever – providing the means to send their children to school or pay for health care.

The charity lend 5 nanny goats for two years. At the end of that time, 5 healthy first born kids are passed on to another of the poorest families in the village. Every year 5 more are passed on so that in the end the whole village benefits from our original goat loan. They provide billy goats, which are much more costly in Darfur, which are shared between three families.

To date, Kids for Kids has adopted 92 villages and transformed the lives of over 500,000 people through sustainable projects. For more information, please visit their website here.