Late Winter News from the Farm

Late Winter News from the Farm

As much as you may expect us to show you a lovely wintery landscape of the farm, the below unfortunately conveys how Winter 2019-2020 has been for us on the farm…. wet, wet and wet!

The day-to-day life on the farm has not altered, nor can it, but life outside the farm is still anything but normal.  Like so many, our business has been knocked sideways and all we can do is adjust and tap into some true farming grit to fight on.

It has truly been a challenging winter for us, as our grazing has not had a chance to dry out between deluges. This has meant that we have had to adjust how we manage things here, as grazing the Billies has not been practical since the end of November.

We have a difficult line to tread between how we would like to do things and what is feasible, due to what Mother Nature has thrown at us with factors outside of our control.

For us, the most important thing is that we make decisions that put the Billies’ welfare first, without compromising the way we look after the environment we farm.

If we damage the land now, it will not yield as well in the summer, when conditions are more favourable to graze. The summer months are also when we make the essential hay crop that is fed to our Billies throughout winter. In addition, we would have to add man made inputs (such as fertiliser) onto the land to fix the damage caused by such a wet winter.

So, we have had a warm and dry few months safe and sound inside our livestock sheds – and I must say everyone has been a lot happier for it! It’s safe to say we think only ducks have enjoyed being outdoors this winter!

An Update On Our Approach To Sustainability

At a time when we cannot switch the Radio or TV on without hearing how farming and meat eating is damaging the environment, we have decide that instead of being drawn into a polarised dead-end argument we are going to use facts and common sense.

Having the freedom to choose how we live and spend our money lies with us as individuals.  We do however have a responsibility, as a consumer, to buy responsibly.  We will continue to farm with the environment we love to live in to ensure it is viable now and for the future.

We are using a Carbon Calculator to assess how we fair as a business and will strive to put the three ‘R’s at the forefront of what we do day to day – REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.

We will also keep FacebookTwitter and Instagram updated with how we farm in our environment using sustainable practices. It is our responsibility to convey honestly how we farm, so you can pledge your support as consumer in an informed manner.

Our 2020 Events Calendar

The National Farmers Union (NFU) has set British farming the target of reaching NetZero by 2040 and inspiring the whole industry to see this target as an opportunity.  We couldn’t agree more with this sentiment, as farmers we can not only reduce our impact on the environment but we are best placed to directly benefit the environment with our decisions alongside producing the food we all eat and enjoy day to day.

Butchery Demo and Supper

The Butchery Demo has now established itself as a mainstay of our events diary by popular demand.  It is a rare chance to see the true skill and art of butchery first hand.  Once upon a time, this would have been something we would all see when we popped to the butchers for our meat, but now it is a skill that is not appreciated as it should be, with our meat being pre-packed and cut for us.

The demo shows all the different cuts that can be taken from a Kid Goat, with us talking through how each cut can be cooked to give you lots of ideas of how to enjoy kid meat at home. You will also get the chance to buy meat on the night – cut in front of you how you would like it!  The evening is hosted here on the farm and includes a welcome drink, canapés and a two-course meal.

Goat Keeping Courses

Our Goat Keeping courses are a perfect opportunity to learn all about Goats and to satisfy that niggle in the back of your mind of ‘could we keep a couple of goats…?’.  We thoroughly enjoy running the courses whether it be here or for Kate Humble on her farm, it is always a fun and relaxed day.  We have dates for April and June so come and along and decide if keeping goats could become a reality!



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