Organic Kid Skins

We don’t like to waste anything and so it wasn’t long before we started to explore finding a use for the skins.

In addition, with a business hat on it was essential for the sustainability of the business to add value the Billy Kid. To rear the Kids as we do is very costly and so there is enormous pressure on the margins of the meat.

We also discovered Organic Sheepskins which happens to only be 30 minutes down the road from where we source all our Billy Kids.

‘Angharad Redman is a hugely talented and creative individual’

Everything was starting to fall into place!! Our fantastic Abattoir supported us by allowing us to take back all our skins. We then started to salt them on the farm and send them to Nicki at Organic Sheepskins to be tanned. Once we had the finished product we had to start to think about what to do with them! Due to the size and quality, they make fantastic throws, wall hangings and rugs. We wanted to take them further and a very talented friend was just the person for the job!

Angharad Redman is a hugely talented and creative individual and she has made some truly creative and beautiful hats with the skins as you can see below:

Click here to visit Angharad Redman’s website

We have also created some rather funky and original furniture as you can see here we can also take commissions.

By using the Skins in this way nothing is wasted at all from the Billy Kid!  We are using hugely talented craftspeople to create unique Kid Skin products.





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