Organically Tanned British Kid Skins

All our skins are salted on farm and Organically tanned in Ross on Wye.  We do not tan any skins from summer coats thus ensuring that our skins do not shed excess hair.  Each skin is unique and not mass produce so scroll down our current stock and to order just send Lizzie an email quoting the reference of your chosen skins.  All our skins are £90 each inclusive of UK delivery.

C1 Ref: SOLD

C2 Ref: c2

C3Ref: c3

C4 Ref: c4

C5 Ref: c5

C6 Ref: c6

C7 Ref: SOLD

C8 Ref: c8

C9 Ref: c9

C10 Ref: c10

C11 Ref: c11

N1 Ref: n1

N2 Ref: n2

N3 Ref: SOLD

N4 Ref: SOLD

N5 Ref: SOLD

N6 Ref: n6

N7Ref: n7

W1 Ref: w1

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W3 Ref: w3

W4 Ref: w4

W5 Ref: w5

W6 Ref: w6

W7 Ref: w7

W8 Ref: w8

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W10 Ref: w10