Filming with James Martin – Home Comforts

Our TV debuts was swiftly followed by a second…

On Thursday 7th January we were thrilled to be part of James Martin’s Home Comforts series which was aired on BBC 1.

James cooked up a fantastic tagine and the show goes behind the scene of our farm and how Jamie and I started Just Kidding.  This was a lovely piece that allowed me to speak personally about a passion that I am determined to make into a sustainable business.  The show also gave a closer insight into live on the farm and just some of the work involved in rearing Kids in a free range system.  The end of show featured a low key gathering of Friends and Family to enjoy the fruits of our labours!  Jamie was in his comfort zone with apron on behind the BBQ cooking up some delicious Kid meat wraps using the Shoulder and show casing just how tender the meat is through our Cutlets.

James Martin’s tagine is truly delicious and very easy to make, he uses our Premium Dice but it would work equally as well with our Shanksclick here for the full recipes and clip.  

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