Filming with Adam Henson for BBC’s Countryfile – April 2017

Collecting our new batch of Billy Kids in March 2017 was not quite the same as normal – we had a tag along – BBC’s Countryfile presenter Adam Henson!

It was a fantastic experience filming with the Countryfile team and we certainly had a few laughs along the way!  It was a great opportunity to convey the whole story from collecting a new batch of Billy Kids from Charlie’s Dairy in Herefordshire to bringing them back to our farm, and looking at the different stages along the way.  As friends and family will concur you don’t get to spectate at the farm, so we soon got Adam Henson to give us some hands on help and I think he soon realised how unique Kid Goats are and just some the work involved in rearing them in a free range environment!   The show helped us to convey just some of the practical issues of the rearing Billy Kids, the initial and very expense input cost of the milk powder, which is essential to give the Kids the best start in life, to the practical ramifications of keeping the Kids outside and rearing them from grass.  The team also took a great interest in our Kid Skins products appreciating the quality and origin.  We hope this will give the Countryfile audience a small insight into our farm and why it is so important to us to rear our Billy Kids without compromise in a sustainable system to produce a premium meat that really is ‘farm to plate’.

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