Cooking Tips

Kid Meat is very versatile and provides both long slow cuts as well as some tender juicy quick cuts

Broadly speaking you can take very similar cuts from a Kid as you would from a Lamb; consequently there is plenty of scope to cook with Kid Meat.

The main Cuts of a Kid and some Tips

Breast – runs from the base of the neck running down between the front legs and slightly under the animal – one of the fattiest cuts (which says something for Kid meat).  A delight when long-braised and a very affordable tasty cut – do not underestimate!

Shoulders – at the top of the front legs – quite versatile they can be kept whole with the bone in or boneless and rolled.  Great roasted or braised or they also an important component of our Premium Diced.  They deserve the time in oven to allow them reach full potential.

Racks and Cutlets – a true treat we can cut these into cutlets or trim them into a French Rack.  Can be kept very simple (oil and salt and pepper) or you can get creative with a crust or marinade.  A nice quick cook best served pink.

Lion Chops  – very similar to a Barnsley Chop that you get from a lamb.  Can be cooked very similarly to racks.

Diced Kid – we produce a Premium diced which is a mixture of shoulder, leg and neck fillet which produces a very tasty base for a tagine, curry or stew. 

Legs – the Italians often cook them simply with fresh rosemary, garlic, salt, pepper and a glug of wine – perfect for a roast.  Legs can be kept whole or boned and rolled.  

Shanks – the bottom of the leg, it is a very tasty and cost effective cut which likes to be cooked long a slow can be a brilliant winter warmer or can be used to create a summer dish with Moroccan spices served on a bed of couscous.

Neck – this can be cut into joints that are exceptionally tasty and good value or the meat can be taken off the bone to leave fillets that are a real treat.  

Mince – simply mince!



Below are some recipes which have come from great Chefs and friends alike and a few from yours truly …

They are only a guide – if there is an ingredient you don’t like, leave it out or just replace it with something similar that you prefer. 

Someone once said to me “Recipes are guides, that’s all” This is very true – I hope they inspire you.

I would love to hear how other people enjoy cooking with Kid so please send me an email  or use our contact us sheet to send me your ideas and creations.

You never know it might spur me on to write may our Recipe Book …

Chops or Cutlets

Shoulder of Kid