Our Story

where it began …

This is something I have wanted to embark on for some time, and bleated about it (excuse the pun) to all who would listen.  Finally, it has become a reality!  Based in Gloucestershire, Just Kidding produces Kid Meat from Billies that are supplied solely from dairy farms, which we then sell to restaurants and to the general public.  With a fast growing demand for goat’s milk serious consideration needs to be given to the billy kids that are simply viewed as a useless by product.  Kid meat is not only highly nutritious – lower in fat than chicken but it is higher in iron than beef, it is also very versatile, for cooking suggestions go to Recipes page.

I was brought up on a farm in Kenn, North Somerset where, amongst other enterprises, my father milked 150 Friesian heifers.  Consequently, I have always been aware of the dilemma over the fate of the male counterpart from a dairy enterprise.  I have long had an interest in goats which I think stemmed from my travels abroad, particularly in India and my passion for cooking and trying new ingredients. 

Although farming was not my first career I decided in 2011 to start a degree at the Royal Agricultural College which brought me to Gloucestershire.  During my three years at the RAC I was fortunate to work with Tony Norris the Farm Manager at Harnhill. The experience I gained at Harnhill was invaluable, and also furthered my contacts in the area.  It was through just such contacts that lead me to find Dartland Farm where the Kids are kept.  It has to be said that I have been very lucky to find such a suitable farm on which to keep them.  Due to the farm facilities, the Kids can be kept in a free range, natural environment.  All the processing of the meat also takes place in the very well-equipped kitchen on site, which allows us to have full control of the whole production of our Kid Meat.  I am not entirely sure Jamie, the owner, knew what he had let himself in for when we arrived, but I can say there is never a dull moment when the Kids and I are involved!

There is no blueprint in the UK for Kid Meat production.  We are creating an entirely new enterprise and developing our own systems that best suit our Billies and our ethos and look forward to exciting times as our future unfolds.  

I hope you will follow us here, on Facebook and Twitter and become part of our journey to bring British Kid Meat to the British public and menus.